Framing Recommendations & Ideas for Prints

Choosing the right custom frame and matt combination for the print you've selected can feel a little overwhelming. This explanation aims to demystify the framing process. 

When you receive your print in the mail, it will be rolled up in a cardboard tube. Once unpacked and unrolled, you'll want to weigh down the corners to allow it to return to its original flat position. 

The Frame

In my experience, less is more. Overly complicated frames both detract from the artwork and add unnecessary expense. For prints like mine, a simple white, black, or natural wooden frame are going to be the best enhancement.

Whitewashed wood works well with the parchment and grey colors of the "Ghost Peony" and the "Black Line Peony" while white frames work well with the "Blue on Blue Peony" and the "Pink on Blue Peony." Consider the room you'll be hanging the print in. The ideal frame both complements the print and the room. 

The Mat or Matted Frames

The mat is the additional border that's added between the frame and the artwork. To make it easy for you, all my prints come with a 2" border, which allows you to frame it without a mat. However, if you choose to add a mat, I recommend a white mat or a neutral color that compliments the artwork. Colored mats tend to distract the eye from the art. 

It's essential that the mat you choose is archival quality, as non-archival mats are not acid-free and can yellow paper-based artwork in even a short period of time. There's very little price difference so no reason to cut corners. 

Online Framing or In-Store?

For more complicated frames and mats it can be worthwhile visiting a local framing store for advice. However, custom store frames are definitely more expensive and can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete. There are hundreds of online options these days, and the quality is outstanding. Online framing-wizards walk you through the process step-by-step so you can your make choices quickly. They also ship the frames to you, normally for free, saving you the trip to the framer. 

Some online framers worth checking out...

Here are some comparison quotes for a poster sized print with black wooden frame, 1.5" white mat, and acrylic cover: 
- Framebridge - $170 - you have to ship the print to them, they then frame it and send it all back. Clear descriptive site, and very clear of presenting options.
- Frame it Easy - $82.67 - self-service, they send you the frame and you do it. 
- - $142.66 - I've used this website several times and really like the service and product.
- Level Frames - $156, offers self-serve or to send you a prepaid shipping label, you send in your art, and they do it for you. The user experience is pretty good.


Magnetic 'Stick' Frames

Stick frames are an old idea brought to life with new materials. Originally used for maps, large format blueprints, and flags, these frames are essentially a hanging solution for paper and fabrics. The frame is is made of two parts. A 'stick' across the top to anchor the frame and the print to the wall, and a second stick to add weight to the print so it doesn't move around.

Using magnets to hold the print in place, these sticks are easy to install and do not damage the print in any way. Available in natural and stained wood colors, as well as black and white options. Generally, these stick frames are cheaper and easier to install than most conventional frames.

Stick magnetic frameStick magnetic frame

I've used Well Made magnetic frames