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Hi, I'm Richard

pink and white peony

Pink and White Peony

The painting that started the Bloom collection. Inspired by a conversation about unconditional love, a poem about the fragility of attachment is painted around the edge of the canvas. Only a full collection of the original paintings will reveal the entirety of the poem. The original hangs in Elle Woulfe's home along with her curated collection.

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Ghost Peony

Cancer has a way of making you feel invisible. The 'Ghost Peony' quietly reminds us beauty doesn't need to be the boldest thing in the room. A gentle choice of colors that blends in and stands out all at the same time. The original is owned by Bob Allard.

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Arum Lily

I love the light of this painting. It's hard to believe how these ceramic-looking petals grow in some of the harshest places on earth. Seemingly fragile, yet resilient. The poem around the sides, The Promise, asks how a strong love can be gently-held. The original is now part of David Cancel's private collection.

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"Simply gorgeous!"

'Bloom' is a timeless collection that reminds us that the delicate beauty around us is forged in the harshest of conditions.

"Stunning. I wish you could paint every wall in my house to look like this."

Robyn, Charleston SC

"If I find out you sold that painting to someone without asking me first, you're dead to me."

Perry, New York. NY

"Whennnn, whennnn :)"

Chris, Portland ME